Clarifying Necessary Details Of Evening Gowns

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Those who know it is there cannot get in as high fences have เสื้อครอบครัว been put up and the gateway welded shut. How did this once peaceful and sacred resting place come to be locked and unloved inside Birmingham? Image copyright Andy Howlett Image caption Gravestones lie broken as undergrowth creeps around them Image copyright Andy Howlett Image caption These pictures taken before the cemetery was sealed off show memorials almost completely obscured by leaves Sue Heath discovered the cemetery while working at Selly Oak Trust School in 1994. When her pupils told her they had found an abandoned graveyard she did not believe them. "They said Miss, Miss you've got to come and see. So off we went," she said. "I remember seeing gravestones dated between 1759 and 1762. I have always wondered what it was and why it was abandoned." Mrs Heath used Your Questions to ask us to investigate. Image copyright Andy Howlett Image copyright Andy Howlett Image caption Some graves were moved to Witton cemetery but others remain forgotten We met Keith Rowe from the Birmingham Hebrew Congregation at the red gate on the other side of the Islington Row Middleway opposite Five Ways railway station.

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