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Agency HR execs break down what millennials are asking them for

They want to know what boxes to check to get to the next level quickly and often crave "on demand feedback" because internal mobility is so important. The millennial mantra "work/life balance" was unknown to me 10 years ago. It wasn't part of Boomers' work ethic; it used to be all nose to the grindstone stuff. Today's employees don't live to work. Work coexists alongside other interests, passions, family and friends. Julie Hanser, vice president of talent development at Barefoot Proximity, prefers to call work/life balance "work/life integration" to remove the implication of equality. You orchestrate all the elements competing for your time. I'm hearing more candidates asking about flexibility to manage kids' schedules or long commutes. They want to work from home or adjust work schedules.

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