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While traveling is lots of fun, most people don't find it enjoyable to plan the trip. It can be frustrating and tedious to ensure everything is order for a trip. Use the advice here to smoothly plan out enjoyable trips and vacations.

You should not take any extra belongings that are worth a considerable amount money. If you bring a lot of valuables with you, you have a greater chance of losing them or having them stolen.

Depending on where you travel, there may be some medical requirements before you are allowed entry. If this is the case, ensure that you have the proper documentation stating that you have been treated for all possible illnesses that they claim you should have received a shot for. You might even find you need the documentation when traveling between two cities within one country. Without proper documentation, you may be detained for quarantine.

Do not hope that an airline will make you as comfortable as necessary on a flight. And items you may need, such as a pillow or blanket, should be packed before your flight. Also, consider bringing your own snacks to guarantee you will have something to eat that you like.

If your travels will take you to a port of call prior to your cruise, try to find a reasonably priced hotel with included parking and check in the night before. Ask the hotel's staff when it comes to parking deals even though none are published.

Have a door stopper to use during your hotel stay. Some areas just aren't that safe. If the hotel room door does not have a chain or deadbolt, use the doorstop by wedging it under the door and leaving it there while you sleep.

When traveling by car or airplane with a small child, make sure you have plenty of interesting things to occupy them during the trip. Pack some of his favorite games and toys. You may even consider purchasing a few new toys to grab his attention.

Bring a business card with you at all times. If you end up getting lost, this will help you get directions from someone passing by or a taxi driver. It's good for anyone that really can't speak the language.

If you will be on a long trip, be sure to pack a raincoat, specifically one with soft lining. You just cannot tell how the weather will turn out. A raincoat can be used as a windbreaker if it is chilly or as a robe while in your hotel.

When traveling overseas, it is wise to prepare for emergencies beforehand, including the loss of your U.S. passport. The State Department has contact information on the website for your destination's U.S. Embassy or Consulate. State Department keeps a website available for you to check information on contacting the Consulate or U.S. Embassy in the country you are visiting. This information should be with you at all times. Your passport will be done in a few days.

As was previously stated, you can enjoy your trip even if you dislike planning it. There are a few different tips you can use to have a chance at a better trip. The tips listed here will get you on the right track to having the vacation of your dreams.

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Tattoo-friendly onsens in Japan? Website helps you find them | CNN Travel

Tokyo's public baths: How to enjoy a sento Tattoos, once commonly associated with the country's organized crime gangs (or the yakuza), have long been taboo in Japan, especially in communal onsen (hot springs), where guests are usually required to bathe nude. The ink ban can also extend to gyms and swimming pools. The issue reared its head again last year when a court ruled that only medical professionals can legally issue ink, making tattoo artists technically illegal in Japan . But attitudes are changing. In an interview with The Japan Times , Tattoo-Friendly administrator Miho Kawasaki, said tattoos are increasingly being recognized as a legitimate form of fashion. And tourism on the rise, "many facilities have recently started to accept tattooed guests," says an explainer on the website. In Ginzan Onsen, historic buildings overlook the pristine and calming Ginzan River, which flows through the center of the village. Travelers can use the website's map to find a tattoo-friendly property nearby. Users can also narrow down the search by choosing the type of facility they want to visit -- gym, pool, hotel-and-ryokan (inn), onsen and sento (public baths). Each listed property includes a brief description of the place and its amenities, as well its specific policies on tattoos. For example, some facilities have unrestricted rules for tattooed guests while some only allow small tattoos.

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Half of 630 migrants in Spain ‘seek asylum in France’ AFP-Jiji MADRID (AFP-Jiji) — Almost half of the 630 migrants that were rescued from the Mediterranean and arrived in Spain’s port of Valencia on the weekend want to seek asylum in France, the Spanish government said Monday. The migrants arrived in Spain on Sunday in three vessels, including the rescue ship Aquarius, after being turned away by Italy and Malta last week. “Almost half the migrants have shown their willingness to seek asylum in France, which offered to welcome some of the people traveling on the ship,” Spain’s new socialist government said in a statement. The majority of the 630 migrants are from Africa, including 450 men and 80 women, of which at least seven are pregnant, as well as 89 adolescents and 11 children under the age of 13, according to the Valencia authorities. The Aquarius, run by French charity SOS Mediterranee, rescued them off Libya’s coast on June 9 and Italy and Malta’s refusal to let the ship dock led to an international outcry before Spain stepped in to help. Madrid on Saturday said it had accepted an offer from France — who had angered Rome by branding it irresponsible — to welcome Aquarius migrants who “meet the criteria for asylum.” France will examine asylum requests from Aquarius migrants who want to come over from Spain on a “case-by-case basis,” government spokesman Benjamin Griveaux said Sunday, adding it was “impossible” to know how many will arrive. Pascal Brice, director general of France’s refugee protection office Ofpra, told AFP that one of his teams would travel to Valencia soon. “As soon as the Spanish authorities have informed us of the number of people concerned, a team from Ofpra will go on site to conduct the interviews and ensure that people are covered by the right to asylum,” he said, adding that the process should take place this week. Speech

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