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As the demonstrators rallied alongside the National Mall, Trump opened his first full day as president by attending a prayer service at the Washington National Cathedral, a tradition for the day after inauguration, and later visited the CIA. As he traveled around town, his motorcade passed large groups of protesters that would have been hard to miss. The Women's March on Washington appeared to accomplish the historic feat of drawing more people to protest the inauguration than the ceremony itself attracted. It far surpassed the 60,000 people who protested the Vietnam War at Richard Nixon's inauguration in 1973. Before Saturday, that was thought to be the largest such demonstration in inaugural history. Christopher Geldart, Washington's homeland security director, said the crowd exceeded the 500,000 that organizers told city officials to expect. The largest-ever demonstration in Washington, according to National Park Service crowd estimates, was an anti-Vietnam protest in 1969 that drew 600,000. The Million Man March in 1995 drew 400,000, according to the park service, which no longer estimates crowd sizes, in part because the organizers of that event accused the agency of lowballing the number and threatened to sue. The Washington rally was a peaceful counterpoint to the window-smashing unrest that กระเป๋าสตางค์หนังแท้ unfolded on Friday when self-described anarchists tried to disrupt the inauguration.